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ACT NSW QLD qride motorcycle licence training

NSW Advanced Novice Rider Training
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ACT NSW QLD qride motorbike licence courses Ladies Riders only

NSW Ladies Skills Enhancement Course
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ACT NSW QLD qride motorbike licence courses

NSW Goulburn Motorcycle Training Courses


Ladies Skills Enhancement Course

Ladies Only Motorcycle Rider TrainingThis course is for ladies only, to develop braking, improved gear changing and cornering skills for road riding. The course is conducted in a safe environment on a circuit. The trainers are there to introduce techniques, answer questions, clarify practical application and coach participants through developing their skills.

This course is all about allowing each individual to identify where they can improve their riding, to ask a lot of questions to clarify skills and to receive coaching. There is also time at the end of the course for free practice where participants can ride the circuit and practice, experience and adapt to the new skills.

The whole time trainers will be available for support, questions and coaching.



Advanced Novice Rider Training

Goulburn Motorcycle TrainingThis course is aimed to help novice riders to further develop the skills learnt on their Learners and Provisional courses, and their subsequent road riding, so that riding on the road is more enjoyable and safer. It includes activities to develop cornering, braking, improved gear changing and low speed manoeuvring .

The training is held in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment, on a circuit. There is no expectation on you to ride at a certain speed or do anything you are not comfortable with and we will tailor the learning as much as we can to suit your needs.

Completing this course will help you to be safer on the road, enjoy your riding more and give you better control of your motorcycle.




Changing or cancelling your booking:

You can change or your cancel your booking at no cost, provided you give at least seven (7) clear days’ notice.

However, there are no refunds in the following situations:

  • Cancelling your booking within 7 days of your course
  • Failure to attend
  • Lateness in attending
  • Not wearing the required clothing (please check your booking confirmation for details)
  • Not being admitted due to your motorcycle being unroadworthy
  • Proof of identity issue, or failing to present your drivers licence or RMS Customer Number on an RMS letterhead
  • If you are removed from a course, lesson or test due to inappropriate behaviour

Please note that training and testing will occur regardless of weather conditions. The only time training or testing is cancelled is when on the day your trainer determines there is a safety issue, there is a major incident, there is a public order issue and we are ordered to do so by a police officer, or in state of emergency circumstances. It is very rare for such an incident but the company will rebook you free of charge in such an instance


Our management and staff respect the right of members of the community to complain about the standard of services that we provide.    We take complaints seriously; they give us important information about how we can better our service.  We will seek to resolve complaints in an efficient, fair and quick manner.

If you wish to make a complaint about any of our services – please see the below process:

  1. In the first instance the student should discuss the problem with the training Facilitator and seek a solution at that stage.
  2. If there is a grievance with the training Facilitator that cannot be resolved at Stage 1, approach the administration office to initiate the complaints process.  Please provide all relevant details which will be recorded and passed on to an appropriate person for action.
  3. Management staff will make direct contact with in 48 hours.




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